Australian date sites nurmijärvi

australian date sites nurmijärvi

Namestovo RUZ Ruzomberok TTE Turcianske Teplice TVR Tvrdosin ZIL Zilina Banska Bystrica (Banskobystrick kraj) BBY Banska Bystrica BST Banska Stiavnica BRE Brezno DET Detva KRU Krupina LUC Lucenec POL Poltar REV Revuca RSO Rimavska Sobota VKR Velky Krtis. 286 uganda 287 switzerland 288 ukraine 289 united nations HQ 291 united states OF america 292 uzbekistan 293 viet NAM 294 wales 295 vatican 296 serbia 297 wake. MY_gridsquare GridSquare the logging station's 2-character, 4-character, 6-character, or 8-character Maidenhead Grid Square MY_iota iotarefNo the logging station's iota designator, in format CC-XXX, where CC is a member of the Continent enumeration XXX is the island group designator, where 1 XXX 999  use leading zeroes. (adif Version.0.6, updated 2017/08/13 table of Contents, introduction. Eustatius Y 256 madeira. call:4 WF1B Fields of type IntlCharacter, IntlString, and IntlMultilineString cannot be used in ADI files. 298 wallis futuna. B.16 QSL Sent Enumeration Status Meaning Description Y yes an outgoing QSL card has been sent the QSO has been uploaded to, and accepted by, the online service N no do not send an outgoing QSL card do not upload the QSO to the online. OF yemen Y 244 southern sudan Y 245 ireland 246 sovereign military order OF malta 247 spratly. Petersburg LO Leningradskaya oblast KL Republic of Karelia AR Arkhangelsk (Arkhangelskaya oblast) NO Nenetsky Autonomous Okrug VO Vologda (Vologodskaya oblast) NV Novgorodskaya oblast PS Pskov (Pskovskaya oblast) MU Murmansk (Murmanskaya oblast) MA City of Moscow MO Moscowskaya oblast OR Oryel (Orlovskaya oblast) LP Lipetsk (Lipetskaya. 202 puerto rico 203 andorra 204 revillagigedo 205 ascension. 514 montenegro 515 swains.

Australian date sites nurmijärvi - Adif Version.0.6

Erotiikka messut halvat lentokenttähotellit vantaa B.18 QSO Complete Enumeration Abbreviation Meaning Y yes N no NIL not heard? records /ADX where headerfieldname can be any field permitted in kondomi nettikauppa dominoiva nainen a header element, and qsofieldname can be a name of any field permitted in a record element. Gallen TI Tessin / Ticino TG Thurgau UR Uri VD Waadt / Vaud VS Wallis / Valais ZH Zuerich ZG Zug Enumeration for Country Code 288 (Ukraine) Code Primary Administrative Subdivision SU Sums'ka Oblast' TE Ternopil's'ka Oblast' CH Cherkas'ka Oblast' ZA Zakarpats'ka Oblast' DN Dnipropetrovs'ka.
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australian date sites nurmijärvi SRX Integer contest QSO received serial number with a value greater than or equal to 0 SRX_string String contest QSO received information use Cabrillo format to convey contest information for which adif fields are not specified in the event of a conflict between information. Enumerations Enumeration values are case insensitive. SIG String the name of the contacted station's special activity or interest group SIG_intl IntlString the name of the contacted station's special activity or interest group SIG_info String information associated with the contacted station's activity or interest group SIG_info_intl IntlString information associated with the contacted. uncertain QSO_random Boolean indicates whether the QSO was random or scheduled QTH String the contacted station's city QTH_intl IntlString the contacted station's city region Enumeration Region the contacted stations WAE or CQ entity contained within a dxcc entity. Sample ADI File Generated on at 02:15:23Z for WN4AZY adif_ver:5.0.5 programid:7 monolog userdef1:14:N EPC EOH qso_date:8 19900620 time_on:4 1523 call:5 VK9NS band:3 20M mode:4 rtty sweatersize:1 M shoesize:2 11 eor qso_date:8 20101022 time_on:4 0111 call:5 ON4UN band:3 40M mode:3 PSK submode:5 PSK63 epc:5 32123.
Fields, aDIF-defined Fields, header Fields, qSO Fields, address, address_intl, AGE, A_index, ANT_AZ, ANT_EL, ANT_path, arrl_sect, award_granted, award_submitted, band, band_RX, call, check, class, clublog_QSO_upload_date, clublog_QSO_upload_status, cnty, comment, comment_intl, cont, contacted_OP, contest_ID, country, country_intl, CQZ, credit_submitted, credit_granted, darc_DOK, distance, dxcc, email, EQ_call, eqsl_qslrdate, eqsl_qslsdate, eqsl_QSL_rcvd, eqsl_QSL_sent, fists. 167 market reef 168 marshall. 12 anguilla 13 antarctica 14 armenia 15 asiatic russia 16 NEW zealand subantarctic islands 17 aves. ADX Schemas Two XML Schemas are provided for validating the ADX format files. . B.2 arrl Section Enumeration Abbreviation Section Name dxcc Entity Code From Date Deleted Date AL Alabama 291 AK Alaska 6 AB Alberta 1 AR Arkansas 291 AZ Arizona 291 BC British Columbia 1 CO Colorado 291 CT Connecticut 291 DE Delaware 291 EB East Bay. 70 cuba 71 galapagos. Application-defined Fields In ADI files, the form of an Application-defined QSO Field is APP_programid_fieldname where programid is replaced by the name of the logger, converter, or utility that either created or will process the adif file in which the Application-defined Field appears fieldname is replaced. B.14 QSL Medium Enumeration III. Y 128 karelo-finnish republic Y 129 guyana 130 kazakhstan 131 kerguelen. B.20 Region Enumeration Region Entity Code dxcc Entity Code Region Prefix Applicability none Not within a WAE or CQ region that is within a dxcc entity IV 206 ITU Vienna 4U1V CQ, WAE AI 248 African Italy IG9 WAE SY 248 Sicily IT9 CQ, WAE. 100 is exported as 80). EN98,FM08,EM97,FM07 WEB String the contacted station's URL III. B.21 Members of this enumeration follow a sponsor_program_award format. For details, see the section ADX Schemas in the adif Resources document.

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